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The Design Process

Our goal is to provide an integrated design process that allows you to enter the renovation experience with clear expectations. We believe that remodeling, at its best, flows out of a commitment to solve the problems of design and construction before construction begins. This eliminates the delays and frustrations that often accompany building projects. Our commitment to collaboration eliminates the need for costly, time-consuming architects.

Initial Meeting & Design Agreement

We believe our first job is to listen to you. We want to know your dreams, needs, time frames and budget for the finished project. Understanding your expectations is our first step when we begin a new construction project. Listening first helps us determine whether our firm is a good fit for you. But, most importantly, we believe listening to you and understanding your needs are the foundation of a good working relationship. If we all agree that California Home Builders is the right team for your project, we will present you with an estimate on the amount of time it will take to design and draw your project. We also estimate a budget range for the construction phase.

Discovery Phase

Once the Design Agreement is in place, we ask a lot more questions. We develop concepts by looking at the project as you see it, then we add ideas of our own. This is a highly collaborative and creative part of the process, and is point where your vision for your new space starts to come together.

Preliminary Presentation

We present you with initial sketches, discuss and revise the plans to your specifications. At this point, we get a firmer idea about job as overall costs.

Design Development

We fully develop the project, meeting with you to collaborate on ideas, solutions and budget. When we have your final approval of the sketches, we will proceed to construction drawings that will include all information needed to obtain a building permit. At this point, we may consult a structural engineer and/or architect for additional drawings, if needed.

And, lastly, we make sure to keep the lines of communication open so that we can explore potential design issues the job progresses, and make any changes or alterations to the initial design as the job progresses.

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